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Why is Breathing so Important in Boxing?

Dec 31


As simple as it may appear breathing is a crucial part of boxing. Many boxers lack the endurance to endure more than a few rounds of training or fighting because they don't know how to breathe properly.


Boxing blends aerobic and anaerobic speed that emphasizes the importance of having ample oxygen in your body. Even during the pauses inactivity, even when you're a state of relaxation it's still necessary to breathe.


To be a better boxer it is important to know how important breathing is and what you can do to improve your technique. You can also join an upcoming kickboxing class with Peak Kickboxing / Jiu Jitsu. Today, we also talk about four reasons breathing is important when boxing.


Supports the maintenance of energy levels


The way you breathe is linked to your tank of gas as you fight. Many boxers especially newer ones are unsure how they can feel so stressed out after a fight. After a few rounds, they are gassed out - arms heavy, screaming in a frantic manner, and having difficulties moving around in the boxing ring. This is because the body lacks oxygen, and when the muscles don't get enough oxygen, this can result in the build-up of lactic acid. The increased levels of lactic acid in the muscles further inhibit anaerobic respiration. This causes soreness and fatigue in the body.


Boxers talk about getting that "second wind" when they are tired after fighting. However, you can only do that by proper breathing. Breathe deeply, breathe in plenty of oxygen, and you will be in good shape to endure the distance. Without practicing proper breathing techniques it is likely that you will end up feeling tired and exhausted and this will not only impact the physical aspect of your game, but also your brain. Having to go through 6 rounds in a gassed-out state is something that you do not want to experience.


Keeps you moving


Movement is an additional crucial aspect of boxing. You're likely to be moving in a fight. You need to have energy. Without proper breathing techniques, the energy you have is depleted quickly.

It gives you more pop to your punches


You would like your opponent to feel powerful punches. We often see boxers such as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao throwing devastating punches that inflict enormous damage and take out their opponents in a matter of minutes. But, little did we know that it has lots to do with their breathing and how they manage their energy.


The idea is to exhale through the nose sharply whenever you throw the punch, and then take in oxygen in the absence of. The oxygen supplies your muscles with energy by breaking down glucose. This is essential for making fuel for your body.


Keeps You Composed


Last but not least proper breathing can help to keep a clear and focused mind to make sensible choices in the heat of combat. Boxing isn't only an physical and mental struggle like we've seen. If you're overwhelmed, the best thing to do is take a deep breath and not be thinking negatively. Breathing deeply can ease anxiety and let you think clearly.


Final Thoughts

After you've understood how important breathing is, begin paying attention to how you breathe, particularly in the first few minutes of your game. This can make a significant improvement in your game and let you hit harder and last longer.

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