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Ledger denies information about the collection of personal data

Nov 28

Hardware wallet maker Ledger does not collect information about its customers, other than anonymised public data. This was announced by Carl Anderson, the company's vice president of consumer product development. According to Anderson, the company processes information transmitted via Ledger Live to its nodes in the bitcoin and Ethereum networks. He explained that analysing this data allows the company to calculate the amount of assets stored on hardware wallets.



The specialist added that, to ensure more privacy, one can run one's own node and configure the application to use it. He also recalled that Ledger Live is open source software. Earlier, information about Ledger's collection of advanced client data had surfaced online. For example, Zach Herbert, head of the Foundation, the company behind the Passport hardware wallet, said so. In June 2021, Ledger raised $380 million at a valuation of $1.5 billion. At the time, the company said its devices secured 15% of all digital assets in the world.

Recall that amid the potential bankruptcy of FTX, manufacturers Ledger and Trezor have recorded significant growth in hardware wallet sales. 

H.Kopecka , Pythagoras News